Monika DDLC

Doki Doki Literature Club you will dive into the routine of an average student that will gradually turn into something horrible. At first, nothing will be so alarming, but at some point, you will discover a threatening truth about all the events.

Test your skills in composing lyrics

All the events of the game are connected with the school literature union in one way or another. The main hero didn’t really want to participate in it from the start, but due to some circumstances he had to give up.

Doki Doki Literature Club mostly consists of dialogues. You will have to pick up the options you think suit the scene better.

Although you will be surrounded with beautiful girls that are willing to help you, you will still have to take up the primary activity of the club. Each day you will coin a verse. The process is simple, you only have to connect the phrases that will likely form a decent rhyme.

Then Monica will ask you to choose the girl you want to present the text to. You may want to read it to anyone, including Monica herself. She will certainly be very happy to discuss it with you and even continue your meetings outside school. As with the other girls, you can ask Monica to go somewhere with you.

Find the core of the evil

As time passes, you will acknowledge that something strange is happening to the game and the characters. The creepy glitches, illegible texts and broken savings. Investigating the plot, try to come up to the correct conclusion and find the source of all these problems until it is too late.

However, you will rely only on yourself, as the other heroes will fall under the murderous influence of this unknown maniac. Try to save at least the girl that you like, whether it is Sayori, Yuri, Natsuki or Monica.

To stay safe and sound you need to search for the hints that will lead you to the antagonist. Assume that it is someone you have already met. Maybe this person is still somewhere near. Ask the girls and you may suddenly uncover a shocking secret. One of them is not the person she is pretending to be and you need to figure out who she is!