Doki Doki Literature Club

Doki Doki Literature Club is a game with an elaborate plot, which gives you wide space for guesswork. The main mission of it is understandable, you should maintain relationships with a girl. Although, you never know what surprises the story will present to you.

The friendliest union

The project starts from the background that shows how the main hero found himself in a literature circle. His classmate Sayori is the one who persuaded him to follow it. Not to let your friend down, you decide to go with her and try to participate in the club’s activities.

Here you are going to greet the characters that you will be interacting with throughout all the process. Some of them will help you with the everyday task of the union, which is writing rhymes. You will see a bunch of phrases that you can use for another verse. Pick up the ones that will suit the girl that you like the most.

This way you will be able to get closer to one of them and unlock a new route. Although, everything is connected, so to compose an appropriate verse, you will have to find out the preferences of the girl first. The result depends on your ability to communicate with others and be as nice as possible.

It is interesting that each member will react differently to your writing. One of them may say it is not a good one, another will give you supply ideas to make it better. All the characters have separate habits and ways of thinking that you have to consider before trying to flirt with them.

Reveal the dark side of the story

In the beginning, nothing will seem suspicious. Attractive girls, funny conversations and captivating process of creating poetry. It seems that you are having a good time. What could have gone wrong?

The more you will play Doki Doki Literature Club, the more you will understand that the girls sometimes act weird. Each of them has an unpleasant secret that you will be able to expose. The ideas they will express from time to time can make you alert, if you play attentively.

After all, you will likely catch yourself thinking that enlisting to the club was not the best decision. However, soon the horrific events will sweep over you and you will have a more important task than finding out what is wrong with the characters.

Nevertheless, who is responsible for these strange and sudden horrors that will be happening? How does this person know your further intention? Those are the questions that you will need to answer yourself.