Doki Doki Literature Club Plus!

In this psychological horror, disguised as a cute visual novel you will meet several sweet girls who will tell you their unique stories. Despite most of them looking and sounding normal, they have some secrets that you would like to know.

For girls – four different tales

No matter which girl you choose to go out with, they all have separate tales that will be unfolding throughout the whole game. You will listen to Sayori’s hidden insecurities, Yuri’s problems with social interactions, Natsuki’s problematic feeling expression and Monica’s desperate need to be loved.

To unlock each scene, you will need to select the right sequence of actions in each conversation. It is helpful to use the savings to remake the choice if you feel like you have missed a part of the plot.

You may also show your interest in a girl by writing a literary piece dedicated to her. You determine the topic by picking the words for each line. Watch the mini-models of the characters to guess which theme is more suitable for the girl you are intending to court.

Add new pieces to the story

There is a new version of Doki Doki Literature Club that will give you a bunch of new features to play with. Firstly, it increases the quality of the picture, which makes the image even more gorgeous. You will find hundreds of pictures and arts that haven’t been used in the final variant of the project.

What is the most intriguing is that in this version you will have a chance to go through six more stories. They will tell you more about the girls and how they came to the club. These additional tales will also shed light on the relationships between the members of it.

Play this dramatic new content and enjoy thirteen pleasing tracks that were added as well! You will find all of them in the appropriate section in the settings, where you can listen to them on and on.