Doki Doki 2

Find out how the famous literature club originated! In Doki Doki 2, you will meet all the well-known girls before they learn about the pleasure of composing lyrics. You will see what events led them to the doors of the club and how the relations between them were developing.

As always, you will meet your old friend Sayori, who will show you the circle for the first time. Then you will make poems with other girls and try dating them. Watch them interact with each other and the main hero to single out their interests. The girl will be happy if you amaze her with your knowledge.

This way, you can complete the whole game before you decide to finally play the additional episodes. When you do so, you are going to receive a lot of content at once. There are so many mysteries to solve!

You are going to start from the very beginning, when Monica founded the union. Figure out what made her quit the previous activity and you will rethink her further actions and her personality.

The same goes with the other girls. They all had their reasons to join this initiative and you will be the person they would like to confess. Together with the renewed graphics, these stories will strike up a tune.

You may also notice more innovations, such as a list of new melodies. You can get access to them through the menu, if you want to listen to them separately. Also, there are cute sketches that you will definitely appreciate. Play the entire story and discover its covert edges.