Doki Doki Literature Club 2023

Uncover the secrets that this game is hiding. Doki Doki Literature Club will amaze you with sudden plot twists and unexpected ending. You are going to play for an ordinary student, who lives a normal life until one fateful day. This is the day, when he decided to come to the local literature club.

Feel yourself a poet

The main activity of the club is writing poems and discussing them with other members. Despite not being a pro in such things, you will try to produce something more or less readable. Although, this hobby will become an important guide that will tell you more about the girls.

While you will be composing the thing, you will notice small figures of the girls on the left. Watch which figure will react to the words that you choose to write. This will mean that the topic is close to the particular girl and you can use this to make her like you.

Another part of the project includes many dialogues that will also determine the development of the plot. You are going to initiate diverse situations with the girls and only you can decide what the outcome will be.

The characters not only have unique appearances, but also exceptional peculiarities. They have their own interests and skeletons in their cupboard. The more time you will spend on talking to one of the members, the wider part of her story you will learn.

Explore each paths

Every hero in Doki Doki Literature Club 2023 has a separate biography and curious facts connected to her. Consequently, you will have to play a couple of times if you want to know the entire picture.

Use your saves and start from the necessary parts to make other decisions and put the conversation in another direction. However, some scenes require a set of specific actions.

In the latest update, a number of such scenes entered the project. Be creative and memorise the variants you have already tried to receive an episode that you haven’t seen yet. The new facts about the girls will be even more disturbing.

Although, at some point, something will try to stop you from digging further. The second part of the game will be much creepier than the previous one. Will you manage to reach the true ending in spite of all the difficulties?